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I need help…

“My relationship with my wife is so strained.  I feel irritable and it has taken a toll on everyone in my family.”

“I have these anxiety attacks.  I don’t understand why I’ve become so worried.”

“I’m so sad.  I just want to feel happy again.”

“We need to work on our marriage.  We’ve been going through a lot, and I’m not sure whether we’ll stay together if it continues like this.”

“My son acts out all of the time and doesn’t listen to what anyone says.”

“People have been telling me that I have an ‘anger problem.’  I get mad sometimes and I want to do something about it so I am more in control of my reactions.”

“My child seems so moody.  I don’t understand why she is so upset.”

“We have a lot of trouble getting along.  I want our family to be happier, like it should be.”

“My life has gotten so complicated.  I need someone who will be in my corner and to be a sounding board for my different choices.”

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