Adult or couples therapy

I provide psychotherapy for adults who experience a range of problems including depression, anxiety, anger, relationship issues, and challenges adjusting to transitions and changes.  I frequently provide couples therapy as well.

Developing the skills to reduce problems
I can help to expand your ability to cope with the stresses in your life. This approach is tailored to the individual client and the particular problem. For instance, problem solving skills training can help you gain clarity and direction as you determine new, alternative ways to address challenges. Developing better communication skills can help couples improve their relationship.  Relaxation training is a powerful technique to reduce anxiety.  Learning how to appraise situations from different perspectives can lessen the burden of depression.

Therapeutic approach
Clients are highly involved in my style of treatment. You help set the priorities, goals, and our agenda for sessions. I view my role as providing clients with new ideas about how to manage problems based on research-supported approaches to psychological treatment. I support and encourage clients, and carefully monitor their progress. I am practical and prefer solution-oriented methods to facilitate improvement as soon as possible.  I highlight and leverage clients’ strengths in addition to focusing on their problems and difficulties.

If you’re looking for help, call 312-878-7005 or email to arrange a free 20 minute telephone consultation.