Fish oil

Many of my clients are often looking for recommendations that complement therapy or medication to treat the challenges that they experience.  One approach that has been the topic of considerable research is fish oil.  Specifically, many studies show that fish oil has mental health benefits, predominantly in the areas of mood and cognitive functioning.  These improvements are in addition to those reported for cardiovascular health, joint mobility, and eye health.  You can click here to see the abstracts of some of this research. If you’re really interested in delving into the studies examining Omega-3’s and psychological well-being, you can download a review article that appeared in Psychiatric Clinics of North America. 

I have explored different brands of fish oil in order to simplify the selection process for my clients.  Specifically, I wanted to find highly rated products with extensive purity testing, a pleasant taste, and high levels of freshness.  I recommend Nordic Naturals.  I’ve set up a system so that you can order online directly from this manufacturer and you’ll receive a 15% discount applied at check-out each time you order (they also ship for free and there is no sales tax).  Go to and enter in my practitioner number for your discount, which is 100695.

You’ll find many choices on their website, but the one I often recommend is Ultimate Omega because it contains Omega-3 and has the right balance of EPA and DHA, which are both associated with the greatest improvements for mood and cognitive functioning.  You can refer to the Nordic Naturals web site for more information about how much to take or concerns about side effects.